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Why Should We Care About Core Strength?

Something that is always on my mind is- HOW do we age gracefully and healthily?  One of the top answers is- strengthening our core. All of our muscles right around our  midsections (front AND back) do

a lot more than most people think!  While this is crucial for everyone, it’s particularly important for women.

First off, a strong core keeps us stable and balanced. Imagine this: every time we stand up, sit down, or just walk, our core is at work.  As we get older, staying stable and preventing falls is a big deal. Falling equals injuries, and some injuries are hard to come back from.  Sometimes we never get all the way back to where we were before…. So PREVENTION is key.  I remember seeing the PREVENTION magazine in my dentist office- I knew it was for “old people”  but wasn’t sure what it was- now that I am “old”, I GET IT!   We need to stop living reactively but start living preventatively.  We need to keep illness and injury away instead of playing defense once we have them.  Think about all the things we do daily – lifting groceries, putting away dishes or laundry, picking up kids or grandkids, or even reaching for something on a top shelf. Guess what? Our core muscles make these tasks smooth and safe. If those muscles are weak, we’re more susceptible to an injury- if they are strong- we crush our day, injury free.

Ever catch yourself slouching? Good posture is so important and you need core strength to have good posture and alignment!

Here is what I hate to see more than anything… women standing with shoulders rounded, neck down looking at their phones- OR- standing with their backs arched, and butts out with such a strong anterior pelvic tilt that it hurts my own back to look at them.

A strong core and AWARENESS can help with that.  Good posture helps prevent back pain and keeps our spine happy and healthy.  Plus, as we stand tall we feel more energized and positive- giving us a feeling of confidence!  Let’s be honest. – who doesn’t feel a little more confident when their midsection feels toned and strong? You are standing taller and feeling stronger and this boost in confidence can ripple into all areas of life, making us feel more capable and vibrant- even UNSTOPPABLE.

It’s important to talk about pelvic health- because it’s such a huge part of life for women- especially as we age.   A strong core is like a protective shield for our pelvic health. Whether you've had kids or not, strengthening these muscles can prevent pesky issues like incontinence- (this means you pee your pants a little bit sometimes 🙈🙈)  or pelvic organ prolapse.  Pelvic organ prolapse happens when the muscles and tissues of the pelvic floor weaken and one or more pelvic organs start to shift or fall out of place.  These organs include the vagina, bladder, uterus, urethra and rectum. It could happen due to pregnancy, childbirth or menopause.  When we preventatively strengthen our core- we see this less and less.  If it happens- we can work hard and most likely with a pelvic floor specialist to get strong and help fix these issues.   (If you need a contact, I have one for you)

How do you start?  No need for fancy gear or a gym- Simple exercises like planks, glute bridges, Pilates and yoga moves can help tremendously!  The secret? Consistency. Start slow, and gradually pump up the intensity- but never stop….. always keep doing something.  I tell my clients all the time- if you watch TV at all- take the commercial or Ad time to hold plank- even modifying on knees will do the trick!  Or, try different variations on glute bridge during the break.  As you progress- challenge yourself - add a variation that takes away some of the stability, hold longer, change the speed or intensity.   There are lots of options to keep it exciting- where you will come back day after day and not be bored.  I’m happy to meet with you in person or online to check for proper alignment when you are first starting - we want to make sure you are working in a way that is safe for your body.  We want to make sure you stabilizing and building your muscles so you are always pulling IN- and never pushing OUT.  Strengthening your core is about so much more than just having a flat tummy. It’s about keeping our independence, moving with ease, and feeling on top of the world. For women, the benefits are especially game-changing.  I’m here to help you change the game- if you need help, getting motivated, staying consistent or just need ideas or accountability- I’m always here.

With love from my Core,

Amity ❤️

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