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Why is my Skin so Itchy?

Why do I Want to Scratch my Legs Off at Night??

As women enter the stage of perimenopause, a multitude of changes occur in our bodies, and the most prominent for me right now is ITCHY SKIN.  This discomfort can be attributed to various factors associated with hormonal fluctuations during this transition.

Hormones, particularly estrogen, play a crucial role in maintaining skin health. During perimenopause, estrogen levels begin to decline, leading to changes in skin texture, moisture levels, and overall elasticity. This hormonal shift can result in dryness, which is a common precursor to itching.

Additionally, reduced estrogen levels can impact collagen production, a protein responsible for maintaining skin structure and resilience. As collagen diminishes, the skin may become more susceptible to irritation and itchiness.

The decrease in estrogen also affects sebaceous glands, responsible for producing natural oils that keep the skin hydrated. Insufficient oil production can contribute to dry and itchy skin during perimenopause.

Perimenopausal women may also experience heightened sensitivity to environmental factors, such as temperature changes and certain fabrics.  You could also become irritated if certain clothing items are too tight for too long….. These sensitivities can exacerbate skin irritation and trigger itching.  Think about how badly you want to rip off your bra at the end of the day- and how you just need someone to scratch that area across your middle back where the band of your bra has been digging into you all day!   Yeah, THAT!

While itchy skin is a prevalent issue during perimenopause, there are practical steps to alleviate discomfort. Moisturizing regularly, using gentle skincare products, avoiding OVER SCRATCHING when possible and maintaining a healthy lifestyle with proper hydration and nutrition can contribute to improved skin health.

When we know better, we do better- so understanding the connection between hormonal changes and itchy skin during perimenopause allows us to navigate this phase with greater awareness.

Moisturize, be mindful of the types and tightness of the fabrics next to your skin, try not to scratch too vigorously and HYDRATE!  If needed, talk to your doctor about the possibility of estrogen supplementation if you are a candidate.

You aren’t crazy- you’re peri-menopausal!

With love from my core, Amity ❤️

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