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When Chance Encounters Become Life Changing Relationships

Cultivating healthy relationships and abundant love isn't a luxury; it's a foundation on which we build a fulfilling life. Research consistently shows that meaningful connections contribute to better mental and physical well-being, which influences longevity. Nourishing your bonds with love and positivity not only enhances YOUR quality of life, but also serves as a timeless investment in a longer, richer, more abundant journey.

This weekend I got to spend time with some friends I’ve known for almost 30 years.   We met by chance- all of our husbands worked together  straight out of college (GO GREEN)- Kristin ( who happens to be the mother of the groom in this pic) and I became fast friends and even neighbors.  Our husbands worked long hours and we raised our babies together- often feeding them, bathing them all together and visiting for endless hours as they played together.  We walked hundreds, if not thousands of miles together.  We’d call each other when running to the grocery store to see if the other needed anything, we picked up each other’s toddlers from daycare and brought them home when needed.  Our friends became the best of friends and still have a very special bond to this day.  We were and are very connected.

Careers took us in different directions- many moves- many states, but our friendship remained strong.  Our kids remained great friends.  She is my kids’ godmother and I’m godmother to one of her sons.  We are family.  I can say that Kristin knows me better than anyone- except maybe my biological sister…..  and I treasure our relationship very much.

This weekend- we had a Hallmark moment when the first of all of our (7 collective) children got married.  We laughed, we cried, we danced, we loved- HARD.

I could ramble on forever- but I’ll leave you with this.  When we moved to Durham in 1995, Duncan said to me- “my boss’ wife (Jill) is having a baby- her baby shower is this weekend.  Do you want to go to it with my office mate’s wife (Kristin)??  (I didn’t know either of these ladies- as we had literally moved there from Minnesota that week)… it would have been easy to say, “Um, not really- happy to stay home”….  But, I embraced the invitation and met 2 wonderful humans…. And here we are 29 years later- with abundant love and appreciation for our friendship.

I hope for you that you have your very own Kristin and Jill.  If you do, I know how very lucky you are.

With love from my Core,

Amity ❤️

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