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The Significance of a God Wink: Finding Blessings in Disappointment

Sometimes, life throws little moments our way that feel like more than just random events—moments we might call "God winks." These are those uncanny instances where everything seems to align perfectly, placing us exactly where we need to be. Whether it's meeting someone special at a chance encounter or stumbling upon an opportunity when we least expect it, these moments can feel almost magical.

A God wink is a  moment that feels like a little nudge from the universe, gently guiding us along our path. It's that sense that something bigger is at play, helping us find our way. These moments often sneak up on us, and their true significance becomes clear only when we look back and piece everything together.

One of the most beautiful aspects of God winks is just TIMING. Just when you think things aren't going your way, a God wink can appear and show you that you're exactly where you need to be. Imagine missing your flight, only to meet someone incredible at the airport while you wait for the next one. Or not getting that job you were hoping for, only to discover an even better opportunity soon after.

This happened to me yesterday. Stay with me…. I’ll take you on my journey.   We were driving back to NC from MI.  We left on time (not that we set a specific time- but we left in a timely manner that would get us home before dark- lol).  We made our first stop 30 min away at Starbucks and to my disappointment they were out of cold brew.  I could have settled for something else- but I wanted cold brew- so I decided to keep going and stop for coffee later when we needed gas.  No biggie.  We grabbed coffee and gas and hour or so later and kept moving.   I HATE eating on the road because I hate fast food and the last time I had Subway it even tasted like chemicals (but that’s for a later blog)- so we stopped at our favorite little pizza place in Athens, OH and grabbed a pizza for the road- not quick like a drive through- but worth the time for more quality ingredients made by a local establishment.  Win-Win.  Back on the road.   We had ALMOST enough gas to get us to the cheapest gas station in Virginia but not quite- so we stopped for a little drink of gas in WV to “tide us over”.  I promise, I’m getting to the God wink.   Back on the road and I pulled up my location and sent it to Samantha (a friend of mine in my online fitness community that happens to live in WV).  I was just thinking - I wanted her to know that I was thinking of her because I was traveling through her neck of the woods.   She texted me right back and said she was “really close to me”.   I forgot that she was traveling back from a 10 day trip to Florida.  I asked where she was.  She told me the town- we really were SO close.  I quickly texted her- exit 80?   She said , YES.  I looked up- and quickly switched lanes and got off- ON EXIT 80!    I drove to where she was- jumped out of my car and hugged her neck!   I was so happy to see her and we were both riding high on the excitement of the timing and how it all worked out that we were at the exact same time at the exact same place.   And-  if EITHER of our days had gone ANY differently- or had I not texted her- OR, had she not quickly responded, we would have totally missed each other.  Thousands of circumstances and hundreds of miles and quick communication allowed us to meet in that unplanned moment!! Crazy.  Magical.

Let's face it—disappointment can be tough, especially when things don't pan out the way we hoped. But, it's important to remember that sometimes these setbacks are just setups for something even better. Maybe the relationship that ended was making room for you to meet someone who truly gets you. Or perhaps not landing that job pushed you to discover a career you're genuinely passionate about.

When faced with disappointment, try to see it as an opportunity for growth and redirection. Keep an eye out for those subtle God winks, and trust that there's a bigger plan unfolding. Even if it’s not immediately clear, maintaining a positive and open outlook can help you recognize and embrace these divine little nudges that guide you toward the blessings ahead.

In the end, God winks are gentle reminders that we're not alone and that there’s a plan for each of us. They teach us to trust our journey, even when it takes unexpected turns. By staying open to the signs around us and finding the silver linings in our disappointments, we can uncover the blessings that life has in store.

Thanks be to God and all of his little WINKS.

With love from my core,

Amity ❤️

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