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The Relationship Between Trust and Truth

In all human relationships, trust is the measure  that binds us together. It's the foundation upon which friendships, partnerships, and even societal structures are built. Yet, trust is a delicate entity, easily destroyed by deceit and betrayal.

I heard or read this quote somewhere- I wish I could remember when and where- but I liked it so much that I put it in the notes section of my phone right away and revisited it today.

“How much trust you have depends on how much truth you’ve hidden."

WOW.  Right?

This quote shows us the profound connection between trust and transparency. Trust flourishes in an environment where honesty reigns above all else.  When we willingly disclose our truths, whether they be personal experiences, emotions, or intentions, we foster a sense of openness and authenticity. In turn, this openness cultivates trust, as others feel secure in the knowledge that they are dealing with someone who is genuine and forthcoming.

On the other hand, when we choose to hide or block the truth, the result may be doubt and suspicion. Every hidden truth becomes a barrier to trust, casting unease and shadows over relationships.

I feel like this speaks the loudest to a relationship with one’s self.

Whether it's a white lie, a withheld secret, a distorted reality, or a suppressed memory- each omission erodes the foundation of trust, leaving behind a sense of doubt, fear, frustration and anxiety.

Moreover, the extent of trust directly correlates with the depth of hidden truths.  As we are honest and open with ourselves and others,  the barrier to trust dissolves!  Trust is not merely built on the presence of honesty but also on the absence of deceit.

However, we must acknowledge the complexity of human nature. Not all truths are easily shared, and not all secrets are malicious. Some truths are deeply personal, requiring time and trust to unveil. In these instances, the measure of trust lies not in the absence of hidden truths but in the willingness to reveal them when the time is right.  Not everything is black and white and this is where TRUTH may appear gray.   Some truths aren’t spoken out of deceit but sometimes out of shame, guilt or fear….  These truths may take longer to reveal not only to others but even to ourselves.

We should strive to cultivate trust through transparency and honesty.  We should recognize that the depth of trust we experience is intricately linked to the truths we choose to reveal or conceal. By staying true to honesty and authenticity, we pave the way for deeper, more meaningful connections. We  build  on a foundation of trust and a deeper understanding of self- resulting in a higher self acceptance and self esteem.

With love from my Core,

Amity ❤️

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