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Tyler Ingram- Master Teacher Training and Owner of Forme Barre Fitness


"I met Amity in 2008 when I was an avid runner looking for a workout that would counterbalance all of the impact on my body from running. I decided to try Pilates at the YMCA and Amity was the instructor. My workout life was forever changed. Her instruction and adjustments/suggestions were kind and gentle and it was simply a fun class because she was so down to Earth and relatable. This class was taught at 5:45am (that is a commitment!) and I never missed because it was such an incredible workout. I didn't hesitate to follow her when she opened her own studio several years later. My long distance running days were coming to an end during this time and I was amazed at the transformation of my body with her barre and core classes at her studio. I found myself in the best shape of my life in my mid-40's. Amity designed workouts that developed strength and flexibility throughout my body versus workouts that just target specific areas. As I developed greater strength and flexibility through Amity's balanced approach, injuries and pains (especially hip, knee and shoulder) that I had dealt with previously, faded away. Not only did Amity create a studio with fabulous classes, she created a wonderful community in the process. The instructors and other members were so supportive and friendly. While everyone was there for a good workout, there were always lot of laughs fun. Even though Amity no longer lives in Charlotte, I still consider her a friend and both she and her studio are greatly missed."

-Melissa Zimmerman

I had tried barre classes at other studios previously, but never fell in love with it until taking Amity’s class. Her energy and enthusiasm are so contagious, and she truly motivates her students to be able to push themselves to their full potential. And she does it all with zero judgement. I can hear her voice in my head right now saying “progress over perfection” and “yes you can”.  I fell so in love with barre that I ended up training to teach it.  I owe that credit to the positive energy that Amity creates and the confidence that she placed in me. No matter which fitness and whole body wellness path she is taking her students down, I can say with full certainty, it’s fueled by a genuine passion and love for what she does.
- Beth Kenna

I first took one of Amity’s barre classes after a running injury forced me to change my routine.  Years later I am still a convert. Her knowledge of barre, yoga, and pilates keeps her workouts fresh and rewarding while her passion for health and community always inspire! 

-Tisha Bass

Amity Whalen is by far the most professional and kindest fitness instructors I have had the pleasure to meet. Her method of instruction is precise and cues on spot. She cares very much about her students and works to identify and motivate each of them in a personal way. When I took barre class with Amity, I was so impressed with her instruction technique. She always gave her students a smile, pushed us to do our best, made adjustments when necessary, and would always take time before and after class to address questions and concerns. She is a driven woman who takes her life and that of others seriously and confidently.  Aside from being one of my favorite instructors ever, she proves to be a ever present driving force in so many people’s lives.
-Jen Irey

Congratulations, North Shore! You have received the biggest gift and you are unaware of it, yet.  Working out with Amity at Carolina Barre and Core was some thing I needed and didn’t realize. Amity makes you feel so welcome and so comfortable when you are feeling your worst. 

If you are a runner, you know that core is everything.  

Including Amity’s class in my training schedule… Made my last half marathon, a good one! 


The deep yoga classes are simply amazing! They helped me continue to exercise virtually pain-free.  


Charlotte’s loss is North Shore’s gain! I highly recommend Amity for wellness coaching, one-on-one classes, group classes, and a sounding board for any wellness advice. I truly miss her. 

-Amy Kausch 


You will not find another who compares to Amity Whalen! Her knowledge of form and technique paired with a true desire to know and connect with her clients is unparalleled. The personal touches she brings to her classes always made me look forward to coming to her studio for barre and yoga. Amity brings a focus on proper alignment, building strength and flexibility, all while being mindful of special modifications. I would leave not only with an amazing full body workout, but feeling seen and valued - and she did this for everyone who walked through her door. Amity's studio was my happy place and I can't sing her praises enough!

Lacy Perry

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