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The Power of Forgiving

Updated: Feb 10

It is likely that we have all been in a situation where someone has hurt us so badly that we think we could NEVER forgive them, they don't deserve it. The the kind of situation where you can't stop thinking about it- how unfair it is/was and how you'd do anything to get back at that person so they might feel the insane amount of hurt that you feel. An eye for a eye kind of feeling. Have you been there? Did you let it eat you up for days, weeks, months, YEARS???? We do this without realizing that when we do this- we are actually giving MORE power to the perpetrator. We think- if WE let go- THEY win- right?? If we let go and sweep it under the rug it's like an omission that what they did was OK?? Well- it did take me years to believe it- but this thinking is all wrong. When we let go, when we forgive them it actually FREES us from the burden of it affecting us any longer.   It's a way to TAKE BACK OUR POWER. It doesn't mean- what they did is/was ok. It DOES mean- what THEY did can not hurt US anymore because WE won't let it! It doesn't mean we have to be friends or even tell them we forgive them. If we can forgive them in our heads and our hearts- and make peace with the situation within- we can simply LET GO.

I know this seems like an "easier said that done" situation but if you allow yourself to move forward and LIVE the rest of your life- no longer shackled to the hurt of what someone once did to you- YOU WIN. The best revenge is success and happiness- and it's yours for the taking!

With love from my Core,

Amity ❤️

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