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Embracing Creative Freedom: The History of Carolina Barre- North Shore Core - Amity Whalen Wellness

After teaching a good variety of fitness modalities for years, in both Durham and Charlotte, I made a pivotal decision in 2013.   It allowed me to break free from the constraints of teaching someone else's choreography and memorizing and regurgitating their scripts. Instead, I ventured into the realm of independence, establishing a new studio where I could blend the art of Pilates, yoga and barre seamlessly, all while embracing the spontaneity of personalized classes.

The catalyst for this leap of faith was burnout and frustration- and luckily for me- I was I was offered an opportunity to do it with a business partner.  Without her, all of this would have never been possible- and while I’m flying solo today- I don’t forget how lucky I am to have had the opportunity to START with her.  I was  inspired toward creative expression.  With my own studio, I could tailor each session to the unique needs of my clients, adapting effortlessly to whoever walked through the door. Gone were the days of rigidly adhering to preplanned routines; now, I could craft dynamic sequences ensuring that every individual received a truly bespoke experience.

Moreover, the fusion of Pilates, barre and other modalities under one roof unlocked a world of possibilities. No longer confined to teaching just one discipline, I had the liberty to integrate various techniques, enriching each session with diversity and depth. Whether it was the fluidity of Pilates, the strength-building elements of barre, or a harmonious blend of both, my studio became a sanctuary for holistic wellness and self-expression.

But beyond the physical realm,  this studio, Carolina Barre, symbolized something greater—an embodiment of courage, resilience, and the unwavering belief in the vision. By believing in myself, finding the right people to partner with and the right teachers to work by my side to deliver the vision- I discovered not only the power of autonomy but also the joy of igniting passion and purpose in others through movement.  Together, we created  an amazing community of women supporting women.  A space where women could feel safe, far from judgment and always uplifted.

In essence, my decision to establish my own studio was more than just a career move; it was a declaration of independence, a testament to the boundless potential within each of us to create, innovate, and inspire. And as I continue on this exhilarating journey, I invite you to join me in embracing the beauty of self-discovery and the limitless possibilities that lie ahead.  While things look different for me in my physical space- a smaller studio, less offerings- I’m still here- I’m still holding space for you in person, and online….  And I am grateful that you are here on this continuous journey with me.

With love from my core, Amity ❤️

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