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Embrace Your Power: Advocating for Your Best Life in Your 50s

In our 50s, we stand at a pivotal point where we have accumulated wisdom, experience, and resilience- yet we may feel lost because we are not needed in a way we once were.  It’s easy to fall into the trap of waiting for someone or something to come and rescue us, or dictate to us what comes NEXT. But here's the truth: NO ONE IS COMING TO SAVE US!  I used to think this phrase was rude and off putting- until I really sat and thought about it.  It's a harsh reality, but it's also incredibly empowering once you fully embrace it.

We must recognize that we are the architects of our own lives. We have the power to build and shape our destinies, pursue our passions, and prioritize our well-being. Instead of waiting for external validation or assistance, we must become advocates for ourselves.

Being an advocate for your own life means taking charge of your health, both physically and mentally. It means prioritizing self-care and making choices that nourish your body and soul.

This comes in many forms-  adopting a nutritious diet, staying physically active, journaling,  goal setting, meditating, doing breath-work, or seeking support when needed- your health should be non-negotiable.

Advocating for your best life also involves setting boundaries (wow- this is a hard one) - and saying no when necessary.  (😩😩😩)  It means surrounding yourself with people who uplift and support you, and letting go of relationships or situations that drain your energy or hold you back. (Even if this means limiting contact or setting boundaries with people in your own family- this doesn’t mean you don’t love them- it’s just a way to protect your own peace.  For more on this exact topic follow Trent Shelton on Instagram- he talks extensively about this)

Moreover, being your own advocate means pursuing your passions and dreams with unapologetic determination.  Some of you are all of the sudden empty nesters, some are retiring from jobs you’ve had for years- you may feel like you are losing a major identity you once had.   This doesn’t mean your life is over or there is nothing left for you.  It’s time to recreate who YOU are.  Whether it's starting a new career, volunteering, traveling the world, or picking up a hobby you've always wanted to try, NOW is the time to  make your dreams a reality.

Remember, no one knows your worth or your desires better than you do. So, don't wait for someone else to come along and rescue you (they aren't coming). Move in direction that brings you joy, fulfillment, and vitality. Your 50s can be a time of incredible growth and possibility, but it's up to you to make it happen. Embrace your power, advocate for yourself and live the most healthy, robust life you can- it's waiting for you!!

With live from my core, Amity ❤️

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