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Consistency Over Perfection- Always

"Consistency Over Perfection: The Path to Fitness, Nutrition, and Life Success"

In the pursuit of our goals, whether they're related to fitness, nutrition, or life in general, the concept of consistency over perfection holds immense significance. Often, the pressure to achieve perfection can become a stumbling block, hindering progress and demotivating us. Here's why prioritizing consistency is key:

1. Fitness: Building a Sustainable Routine

  • Consistent workouts, even if they're not always intense or lengthy, contribute significantly to long-term fitness. A regular exercise routine is more sustainable than sporadic, intense bursts of activity.

  • Focus on making physical activity a habit. It's the cumulative effect of consistent efforts that leads to improved endurance, strength, and overall well-being.

  • Take a walk, stretch daily, move your body somehow, some way.

2. Nutrition: Small Changes, Big Impact

  • Rather than aiming for a perfect diet, concentrate on making sustainable, small changes. Consistently choosing nutritious foods over time has a more significant impact than occasional strict diets.

  • Embrace a balanced approach, incorporating a variety of whole foods. Consistency in making healthier food choices supports long-term wellness and helps avoid the pitfalls of extreme diets.

  • More veggies, more water, replace electrolytes, get your protein in.  Limit sugar, starchy foods, anything white, processed, refined foods.

  • Strict FAD diets are NOT the way to better health.  Consistency is.

3. Life Goals: Progress, Not Perfection

  • Life is a journey of continuous growth and learning. Consistently working toward your goals, even if progress seems gradual, builds resilience and determination.

  • Perfection is often an unrealistic standard that can lead to frustration. Celebrate small victories and learn from setbacks, keeping in mind that progress is a series of consistent steps forward.

  • Create goals, journal, reflect, refine, meditate and BREATHE

The Power of Habits:

  • Consistency forms habits, and habits drive lasting change. Whether in fitness, nutrition, or life pursuits, cultivating positive habits creates a foundation for success.

  • Understand that setbacks are a natural part of any journey. It's the ability to consistently get back on track that defines true progress.

The pursuit of perfection can be a roadblock on the path to achieving our goals. Embrace the power of consistency, recognizing that small, positive actions accumulated over time lead to significant results. Consistency not only makes the journey more manageable but also ensures that progress is sustainable and, ultimately, more fulfilling.

If you need an accountability partner or a group- say the word.  I’m here for you and have options for you.  Group options or 1:1 options.  What I know is we are always, BETTER TOGETHER.


With love from my core,


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