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Always Surround Yourself with Those Better than You

In the journey of personal growth and mastering a specific discipline, one of the most effective strategies is to surround yourself with individuals who excel in that discipline.  Whether it's art, science, sports, hobbies or business, being in the company of those who are better than you can catalyze your own progress in remarkable ways.

Firstly, being around experts or just those better than you exposes you to higher standards. By witnessing their techniques, work ethic, and dedication, you gain valuable insights into what it takes to excel.  Their achievements serve as beacons of inspiration, pushing you to raise your own standards and strive for excellence.

Secondly, surrounding yourself with skilled individuals provides abundant learning opportunities. Whether through direct mentorship, collaborative projects, or simply observing their actions, you absorb knowledge like a sponge. Every interaction becomes a chance to acquire new skills, refine existing ones, and broaden your understanding of the discipline.

Even BETTER, being part of a community of high achievers fosters a culture of support and accountability. In such an environment, feedback is honest (sometimes hard to hear) yet constructive, pushing you to confront weaknesses- push through anxiety  and embrace growth.   

I have so many examples of this in my personal life- but the most recent occurred on my ski trip last week.  Now, I’m a good skier- I’ll do almost anything on the mountain- on my own time.  It may be slow and look clumsy sometimes- but I’m usually good for trying most anything.  My husband (who taught me to ski at 20 yrs old) and my daughter (who he taught to ski at 2 yrs old) are AMAZING skiers.  They are fast and fearless.  They push me….  Sometimes to the point that I get nervous, sweaty, anxious and just plain scared.   Sometimes they push to the point that I blow up at them for a few minutes from the top of the mountain- I mean - I’m throwing F Bombs left and right because I’m so uncomfortable about what I’m about to embark on.  Steep terrain, tight turns, moguls, trees, you name it- nothing is out of the question- except jumps.  We have an understanding- my skis stay on the ground- NO JUMPS.

Well, I’m here to tell you that after skiing with them for 5 days straight- my skills improved and my confidence grew leaps and bounds.    We took very few groomers and a whole lot of mogul runs- long mogul runs.  We skied in the trees and found any powder there was on that mountain.  While I was a little nervous with every run- I became so proud of myself for the great improvement I made.  They pushed, I delivered (in my mind anyway- lol).   I would have never gotten better if they didn’t believe that I could do it, if they didn’t encourage me, if they didn’t lead by example, if they didn’t show me what was possible.

It is essential to approach growth with humility and openness.  We must embrace the role of a perpetual student, eager to learn from those more experienced than we are.  Recognize that everyone has something to teach, and every setback is an opportunity for growth.

Growth is not comfortable, but with the right people around you, anything is possible.

Happy Growing….

With love from my Core,

Amity ❤️

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